Dainichi Color (Thailand) Ltd. was established in 1989 under the Board Of Investment
(B.O.I) promotional privileges, as a manufacturer of quality colorant for plastic product is supplied
for automobile part, office automation, electrical appliances and computer part, packaging for
consumer product, plastic film and sheet, cables and wires, etc.
A top priority of Dainichi Color is it's strong to maintaining the highest quality standards
throughout its production process and range of products. This is achieved through its selection of
high-grade raw materials and monitoring each state of the operation of its fully automated, and
consistent high quality products. In addition, the company's modern fully equipped laboratory
conducts regular testing of physical and chemical properties of all raw materials, production stage
samples and samples of finished-products to ensure high quality standards are maintained.
Dainichi Color (Thailand) Ltd. has been ISO9001:2015 certified and ISO14001:2015
We are committed to providing the required products and services. We ensure that
Quality Policy and Environmental Policy are reviewed annually and communicated to all employees
and all interested parties.
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